PINERITE® is different than any powdered soap you have used.  All natural Pinerite® contains real pine powder combined with only three other ingredients to create a gentle yet powerful hand cleaner.

​Our patented process releases nature’s own cleaning elements from Colorado pine trees without harmful solvents and with a built in softener. You will notice the condition of your skin improve.   Just a little goes a long way.  You’ll get hundreds of washings per jar.

Mechanics love it; so do gardeners.  Moms and Dads use it.  Secretaries, and campers; artists, chefs and sports enthusiasts and just about everyone else likes it better than any heavy duty hand cleaner out there.  You will too!
Pinerite, Inc.
201 Smokey Street, Unit B
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Sold nationally in over 190 retail outlets!