​Absolutely no artificial scents added.


A little powder goes a long way.  You'll get hundreds of washes per jar.


Made from antioxidant rich pine tree powder and other natural ingredients by our revolutionary patented process.  

When you purchase a jar of Katie Pinerite  any time in the next 12 months, 15% of the sale price will go directly to help solve the mystery of this cruel disease.  Skin issues are a constant struggle for people living with lupus so this cause is particularly significant for us. It is estimated that 1.5 million Americans – and at least five million people worldwide – suffer from a form of lupus. Pinerite Soap has joined efforts with the Lupus Foundation of America during May’s Lupus Awareness Month to spread the word about this chronic autoimmune system disease and raise funds for lupus research and education. 


It's a unique and effective head to toe soap for normal daily use to the removal of heavy grease, dirt and grime.


Pinerite, Inc.
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Katie Pinerite® Head to Toe Pine Powder Cleanser is unique.  It has the same powerful cleaning ability as regular Pinerite® with a luxurious skin softener and finer soap base. It’s formulated using our patented process that turns pine branches into a superlative cleansing powder.  Katie Pinerite®  gently washes and softens your skin while cleaning off the toughest dirt.  Included in each jar is a handy single measured scoop. There are no added fillers or fragrances.  It's friendly to the environment and made in Colorado.   

​Katie Pinerite®
Hand and Body Soap has the cleaning properties of natural pine extracts and borax.
​Makeup and dirt, inks and oils with a gentle exfoliating scrub.