We are very proud of the Results from the
Soil Testing Lab at Colorado State University...
 Soil Primer® could be the greenest innovation you'll ever see.  The SEP process uses very little energy to manufacture the product. This process is also the very best case scenario for carbon sequestration. Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Through photo synthesis the carbon turns into cellulose - plant tissue. Soil Primer® returns that cell building food to the ground where it helps another plant thrive and scrub more carbon out of the air. It also contributes other organic material and nutrients to the earth aiding overall soil fertility.
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What is

Soil Primer ?
 Soil Primer® is a fertilizer made from forest trees. After thinning out trees for fire mitigation and forest health you are left with what was once considered useless material.  That material is chipped to a small size and then processed in a patented apparatus. The process is called SEP (Static Enhanced Processing). We use Static Electricity to super dry and turn the matter into extremely fine particles. The tree particles retain all of the nutrients that made the original tree grow. Trees in Colorado have been harvesting nutrients for about 80 years on average. Now these nutrients can be easily used again by crops, house plants and vegetable gardens. The alternative to SEP processing is  to burn the tree waste thereby generating excessive air pollution, cause fires and endanger surrounding communities.