As I mentioned, I've given Pinerite Soaps as gifts to my friends who work with their hands.  EVERYONE LOVES PINERITE SOAP - it provides exceptional cleaning while being very gentle on the skin!  One friend, John, a mechanic and truck driver for 30 years said he had NEVER BEFORE used such an effective yet gentle soap!  His coworkers were amazed that his hands would be much cleaner than theirs and would ask how he managed to get them so clean.  He would answer : Ah, guys, you just don't know how to wash your hands :)

Adele    Adele's Transport  Madison, WI

I just want to say that your Colorado pine soap is just great.  I really like it. These days I start working in the garden.  And I realize it is the great product.  I hope many people get to know the effectiveness of the product.  
Mr. Urashima   Joy English Academy   Japan
  As a track supervisor on a vintage railroad line I can take Pinerite® soap out into the field and wash my hands before lunch when I'm working on the tracks and know it won't harm the environment.  And my hands have never looked or felt better.
Thank you for developing a wonderful product!
Our facility has recently installed Pinerite® in our men's bathroom.  Working men's hands; the grease, paint, glues can make a gloppy mess in the sink.
The guys love the ease in which this product cleans their hands and cleaning up after them is amazingly simple. 
Additionally, I was given a sample of the soap developed for Ladies.  I love it, it's easy to use and makes my skin feel smooth and silky.
I personally recommend these products for home and business use!

Pinerite, Inc.
201 Smokey Street, Unit B
Fort Collins, CO 80525
  I'm a truck driver and so my hands get pretty dirty.  A friend recommended Pinerite® Hand Soap.  It definitely gets my hands clean.  I was impressed that it's made with all natural ingredients and thought I'd try it on my face.  I soon discovered that it was doing more than getting off the dirt.  I used to have quite a problem with bumps around my lower face and neck, but since using this soap they have cleared up!  And my face is not drying out.  I've tried other remedies for the ingrown hair bumps over the years but this soap has worked better than any of them.  It's good stuff!
  I was working on my mower with some light colored leather gloves on and by the time I was finished my gloves were so dirty I almost threw them away.  They were really nice gloves so I decided to try Pinerite® on them.  I washed my hands with my gloves on and you know, those leather gloves came out clean and dried soft.  I love this stuff!
  For years I've been buying Clinique Face Scrub to use before shaving and found the exfoliating grit in the product a great preparation for shaving.   I tried Pinerite® and got the same results for a fraction of the cost.
  I'm a truck stop manager and it is hard to get the smell of diesel off of your hands.  I've tried many different things and the only product I can count on to get rid of the smell after only one washing is Pinerite®.  We use this product exclusively for our maintenance crew and getting rid of the smell of weed killer is also no problem for Pinerite®.  We like it so well that we started selling it here. Thanks for a terrific product that not only cleans like crazy, but it gets rid of the odors that other soap can't.
​Ron M. 
 Your cleaner is fantastic!  It even removes automotive paint from hands!  We would like two cases.
​Leo R.
  We have Pinerite® hand cleaner around the house for those times when regular hand soap just isn't up to the task.  The thought occurred to me to try it as a body scrub.  Why not?  It buffs away the rough dry skin leaving my skin smelling like a pine forest.  My skin looks brighter and feels smoother and softer and the age spots on my hands are beginning to disappear.  I can't justify spending the outrageous money on expensive department store soaps when this works even better.  Thank you for making a great product at a fair price.
​Janine Seal-O-Matic Jacksonville, OR
  I am a steel worker and my hands were chalky and dry with split cuticles and open cracks in my palms, all of which were painful and embarrassing.  I used Pinerite® hand soap and in a week my hands were noticeably healed.  In two weeks my hands were completely healed and I wasn't hiding them under the table anymore.